Saturday, February 05, 2011

This week in Prospecto Arts!

Hello, hope you're all having a GREAT weekend! Here to give a small recap of my webcomics. Let's get this party started!

Fred Peterson, The Mighty Warlord:
We continue to see the origin of El Gladiador. We also see Fatfish with a MEAN streak...with bloody consequences!

I only have to say.....PIG DRAGON!

Alfred Gomez' Clown: Rouge Assassin:
Vincent (Clown) get's the files for his first solo case in the chapter 1 finale!

The Mysterious Exorcist:
A rookie cop let's Exorcist know exactly how he feels about him!

The Cannon Girl:
Lizbeth ponders the meaning of intelligence!

Nicolas heads out with Marcos and Rebbeca to face the strange character that's heading towards the Lionfang hq!

Las Aventuras de Weepaman y Weepito:
La Comay!?!?!?!?! Exclusivo!!!!!

That's about it, thank you for your support, and please look foward to next week's worth of updates!

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