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Blood: The Last Vampire (live action) Review.

This was mostly copied from my deviantArt journal. If you want, you can count this as my second review of something ever, the first being the comicbook Dokyo in the Manga Criolla vids that are somewhere in my facebook page and in my youtube. Anyway, here you go! (Btw, Antonio Rivera, I still owe you that, was going to send it the other night, but things got WAY hectic at home suddenly, expect it in your e-mail sometime today or at night)

Finally saw the live action "Blood, The Last Vampire" the other night. It was ok for what it was, but, it felt like I wasn't watching a movie about Blood I mean, I had zero expectations heading into watching it, because I have the original anime movie in such high regard I didn't want to create to high of an expectation for the movie. It wasn't bad, but not great either, it was....ok

It started good enough, very similar to the original soucre, but then, it went into this mind-trip, seizure inducing fight scenes that sometimes I had to rewind just to see what exactly happened Litteraly there were times where I was like "WHAT just happened?!" And when you still are seeing double at random times from your right eye, and some of the action scenes were so frantic, it's not pretty And I love a good fight scene as much as anybody. But.....damn....There was this one scene in a bar type thing, that the fighting went on....and on...and on....and on....It was long like in "Matrix Reloaded" Neo vs a million Agent Smith long, and again, it was so frantic, I couldn't tell at all at some points what happened where

I feel like the movie should've been called something else rather than like the original movie. Like "Blood: Quest for Onigen" or "Blood, Origins", or "I can't believe it's not Blood!". You know what what it actually reminded me in a way? Ninja Scroll and Ninja Resurrection.

Back in the early to mid 90s, there wasn't THAT much people connected to the internet, and there wasn't as much information as there is now. Especially when it came to anime and the such. So, when Ninja Scroll arrived to the States and became this huge hit here, bigger than in Japan itself, it was a BLAST! So, when Manga Entertainent, the american distribuitor of Ninja Scroll showed teh trailer for Ninja Ressurection, and pardon the language because I rarely swear, all my friends and I were like "HOLY SHIT!!!!! A sequel to Ninja Scroll!!!!!" Oh, how we were fooled.....

You see, Ninja Ressurection, was in fact, NOT a sequel to Ninja Scroll. It was an ENTIRLEY DIFFERENT MOVIE!!!! The name Jubei is a very common name in Japan, espeially for like hero type characters. And the main character in Ninja Ressurection was named Jubei, and looked a lot like teh Jubei of Ninja Scroll. So, Manga Entertainment, knowing the goldmine Ninja Scroll was, renamed the other movie and designed the logo to look like teh Ninja Scroll movie, and everybody and their mother in the US fell for it!!!!! Ninja Resurection was NOT in any way related to Ninja Scroll, and at that time, like sheep, we flocked to it to our surprise and utter dissapointment

That's in a way how I felt with the live action Blood, I felt like somebody had made a different movie, and later was relased and marketed as Blood. But anyway, not the best movie I've seen, but not the worse either (that dubious honor goes to a dvd Spanish dubbed version of "Laser Mission", one of Brandon Lee's first flicks). It had it's cool moments, and the father of the american girl acted so bad, it was fun! Especially his face when he died....I couldn't stop laughing at his face.....

So, an in all, in a Dangerscale!~ of 1-5, 1 being the weakest, 5 being the strongest, I give "Blood, the last Vampire" live action flick 2 epileptic inducing fight scenes

There it was, hope you all liked it, if you wanna read or see more vids of reviews or something, just lemme know and I might just think of something. In the meantime, peace out =)

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