Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Tao of Danger-Ryu #1- The Flow of Time.

Tick Tock.

Time is moving.

Recently, I have been thinking over many things, especially in the creativity department. Slowly I had found myself looking at Micheal Turner art on the internet. Then I realized that I had lent my Turner stuff to a friend, and that after Turner's untimely death, I didn't even look at his artwork for a very long time.

Quite a few months back, I was in Bayamon (for you who know not, Bayamon is a pretty populated city here in Puerto Rico, about half an hour away from were I live). There's this kiosk in the bus terminal that sells old comics and magazines. I came across Supergirl #1 for 80 cents. It had a Micheal Turner cover on it, he had done the redesign for the character. And it brought back many memories, because the Supergirl pages I drew that are in my "Art of Danger" folder in Facebook, I actually was looking A LOT of his stuff at the time. So, a year after his death, I picked up that issue and bought it, I dunno, it felt like it was a way of coming full circle and coming to terms in a way. Which got me thinking (surprise, surprise).

I thought how amazing something like time is. People live their lives sometimes, stuck in a moment. In a period of time. Either reliving good times, or perpetuating horrid memories that long should have been left behind. As if time has stood still. The earth stopped spinning around the orbit. It's just you, your memories, and thoughts about either how things used to be, or how things should have been.

You think how time has not moved for you, yet how it seems to move fine with people around you. Friends. Family. "Frienemies". I finally asked back for my Micheal Turner comics a few days ack after checking his artwork again online. I saw them, and it almost felt like I was looking at it for the first time again because, you guessed it, timed had moved on so fast at the seems since the last time I held them in my hands. I got to drawing, and it felt like in a sense, times was moving for me again. But then I realized. It wasn't that time had started moving again, it was ME that started moving again. Because time never stops for anyone.

Time is moving.

Tick Tock.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Working along....

Hello, everybody! Finally was able to combine this blog with the website, that has me VERY excited! :) Working on a few projects here and there, and I also have a fulltime job as well, so, I've been keeping VERY busy XD But it's all good :) I'll be re-working pretty much all my online stuff into one convinient place in my old website, so, re-joice! Well, I'm off to work in a bit, so, see you all again soon! God bless :D

Monday, April 05, 2010


Man, this blog has collected some MAYOR dust! Time to dust it off and begin anew....