Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ummm, so, yeah!

All righty, now, hope all is goin' good for all that happens to wander into my little corner of this place! Just thought I should start out putting what exactly is going to be uploaded here! Well, I have right now, basically 3 online strips:

1-nVd (aka Nevermind)- which has 1 full "season" of 12 strips (with a second "season" of 12 strips also, which is currently at strip #7). This is an auto-bio strip, and was my first attempt at doing online stuff (I had previously gotten stuff published in print).

2-¡ Las Aventuras de Weepman y Weepito!- This was a satirical strip I did way back in highschool, that I decided to revamp for no other reason to just see what would happen lol! Yep, spanish slapstick satirical MAYHEM, baby! This will consist of 12 strips as well.

3- Fred Peterson, The Mighty Warlord Book 1: Beginings- This is my baby. My dream project. My reason for BEING. This is the only "ongoing" webcomic. A "prolouge" was self-published and 5 "webisodes" (with the 6th and final one coming out tomorrow) as well. Hopefully, this September I will begin the whole thing!

Well, there you had it. I will be posting these as follows: nVd Mondays, Weepaman y Weepito Wensdays, and TMW Fridays. nVd will start from strip 1 season 1, and TMW will begin with the Prolouge. Well, now that you all know the dilly-oh, I'm using the bottom half of this week to get jump started, so, now I will present to you nVd Season 1 strip 1, tomorrow WyW, and Friday TMW, and go fixing around the links as I go along, ok? Ok! Let's get this blogging started
~Alvaro, who promises fewer long-winded posts!

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