Friday, July 28, 2006


So, yeah, like I mentioned yesterday, the CD where I had saved season 1 of nVd and the mayority of season 2 met an untimely death, fitting for a strip of nVd itself, ironically enough as some friends pointed out lol!

So, I might have to re-draw/reletter season one to fall in the same vein as season 2. But I'm letting the readers decide, so we'll see :) In the meantime, I just put up the links section, so, if you want to view the entire first season of nVd, nVd 2 so far, and the Warlord Webisodes, (and soon I'll upload the entire prolouge as well), you can do either 3 things:
1- Check out my website, so you can also check out all the crazy stuff I've done.
2- Check out the PR Comix Forum, for my stuff as well as other fine stuff from puertorican creators.
3- Check out, where you can also check out awesome webcomics from fantastic local creators, as well as check out their podcast!

And hey, if you REALLY want to be the toast of the town, do all three by all means! Anywho, I'm off for now, so, until next time, take care and God bless!

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